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Take an online health questionnaire with our doctor. Our doctors will prescribe and design a treatment plan that will suit your lifestyle and goals.

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Take an online health questionnaire with our doctor. Our doctors will prescribe and design a treatment plan that will suit your lifestyle and goals.

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We know that the weight loss journey is tough, which is why we’re here to connect you to real doctors and treatments that can help you shed kilos and keep them off.

The Rosemary weight loss program includes evidence-based medications that are approved in Australia and backed by doctors worldwide. It is observed in clinical trials that a large majority of participants lost ≥ 5% of their baseline body weight within 3 to 4 months*¹ ².

We’ll provide diet and exercise resources, regular check-ins with your nursing team and ongoing support throughout your weight loss journey.

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Ongoing support from an Australian based medical team.

You’ll have access to doctors and nurses beyond the first consultation with Rosemary’s medical weight loss program.

• Ongoing medical monitoring
• Diet and exercise mentoring
• Health advice
• All unlimited and online
Dr. Joseph Santos
FRACGP, MB.BS, B. Sci (honors)
University of Sydney
Mario Prasetyo, RN
B Nursing
Australian Catholic University


How much weight will I lose during this program?

Everyone’s body is different, which is why we provide personalised weight loss treatment plans that consist of prescription medication, diet and exercise guides and regular check-ins with your healthcare team to help you stay on track. 

The medications we prescribe have been shown in clinical trials to help drive 5% to 10% of body weight loss¹ over the course of a year. Some people will lose more than others, but 10% is the goal because it also contributes to significant lifestyle improvements, including decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, improved sleep function and better overall quality of life².

It all comes down to consistently using your treatment exactly as prescribed and following the guidelines for a healthy diet and exercise routine. Keeping track of your progress and checking in with your healthcare team will help you see your results over time.

Why is this weight loss program different from others?

With Rosemary, you can access real doctors, nurses and treatments from the comfort of your home. No appointments, no waiting rooms - everything is 100% online so you can start your weight loss journey on your own terms. 

Our personalised weight loss treatment programs combine clinically proven, evidence-based prescription medications with lifestyle coaching and ongoing chat support from your dedicated healthcare team. It’s quality healthcare at your fingertips.

What treatments do Rosemary doctors prescribe?

Unfortunately due to Australian law we are unable to list specific medication names until you have been assessed and prescribed by a doctor. The treatments that are available in Rosemary weight loss programs are clinically proven¹ and non-habit forming. They work by suppressing your appetite, which is why our weight loss program combines prescription treatments with diet and exercise coaching for best results. Oftentimes a major reason why people have trouble losing weight is due to unconsciously overeating and consuming more calories than our bodies need, which is why these types of medications can be particularly effective when combined with lifestyle changes.

Is the medication safe?

Yes, the medications prescribed are considered safe and generally well tolerated. Your doctor will review your online health assessment and consider your medical and family history when determining whether it is suitable to prescribe you a treatment plan.

How much does it cost?

The program is $13 per day, or $395 per month. This includes medication, diet and exercise guides, weight loss tools and ongoing chat with your healthcare team. Because the medications work by reducing your appetite, many Rosemary patients end up spending less on food each day, making the program very affordable. In addition to getting treatment and losing weight, the program is also aimed toward improving your overall health and wellbeing, helping you regain control.

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*50.8% of those randomised to receive Contrave had lost ≥ 5% of their baseline body weight, compared to 19.3% of placebo treated subjects (week 16 responders). 65% pooled population with ≥5% weight loss at 12 weeks on 3 mg
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