How to Track your Weight Loss with Before and After Photos

There are some incredible before and after photos floating around that are truly inspirational. As you embark on your weight loss journey, it might seem daunting and difficult to reach your goal weight. The Rosemary Health virtual weight loss program is designed to help you achieve your goals and become healthier in the process through a combination of proven prescription medications and lifestyle coaching. 

Taking good quality, consistent before and after photos will be a key part of your journey. Here are a few tips to help you take good pictures. We suggest taking them once per week so you can see your results over time.

Use the same set up

Consistency is key to taking great progress pictures. Decide what camera and mirror you’ll be using for your whole journey. Find a solid, plain background to use as your default location - lighter colours will work best. Will you be taking selfies or will you ask someone to take them for you? Whatever you decide on the first day, make sure it’s the same for every photo after.

Wear the same outfit

As mentioned, consistency is key - so wearing the same outfit for each photo will help you better see the difference and the progress you’re making. Underwear or swimwear is best, or if you’d rather be fully clothed, tight activewear would also work well. You want to be able to see all of the curves of your body.

Use natural light

Indoor lighting can cause shadows and make your pictures look grainy. Find a spot with good natural lighting to capture your progress pictures.

Take your pictures at the same time of day

As part of your weight loss journey, you will be stepping on a scale every day to monitor your weight. The Rosemary program recommends weighing yourself in the mornings when you wake up, after you’ve used the toilet but before you eat or drink anything. We also suggest taking your photos at this time. This way you will be comparing apples to apples, and you can build it into your tracking routine.

Capture a few different angles

We recommend taking a few pictures - one of your front, one of you from the side and one of your back. This way you can see your whole body transformation and take note of where you’re seeing the strongest results. 

The weight loss journey is one that takes time and dedication. You may not always see results straight away, but the purpose of tracking your weight and measurements and taking progress pictures throughout is to see your transformation over time. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results immediately - keep at it and when you compare the picture you took on the first day of your program to one weeks later, you’ll be able to see the incredible work you’ve done.