Getting started with weight loss

Getting Started on Your Custom Weight Loss Plan

Congratulations, Rosemarian. You’ve taken the first step towards a healthier you. 

With the Rosemary weight loss program, you get real prescription medication, lifestyle coaching and a dedicated medical team that helps you make sure you’re on track. Research shows that when it comes to resetting your metabolism, mindful changes in your lifestyle choices through diet and exercise can be combined with medication for an effective approach to sustained weight loss and improved metabolic health. 

Let’s start with 5 important steps:

1. Grab that scale and weigh yourself every day

Weight loss tips

Daily weigh-ins promote long-term weight loss. Since weight fluctuates daily, it's important to weigh yourself at the same time, on the same scale, every day. We recommend weighing yourself first thing in the morning when you get up, after using the toilet but before you eat or drink anything. Try to wear the same type of clothes each time - ideally underwear. 

Weight loss tip

Scale facts!

Weight fluctuates daily based on how hydrated you are, how much sodium you eat andthe scale you use. So if the scale changes a kilo or two in a day, it's likely a natural fluctuation, not true weight change. That's why it's important to be consistent with how you’re weighing yourself and write down your weight each day.

Do now

- Dig it out of the closet and put it in a prime location
- Weigh yourself 
- Promise yourself you'll weigh in tomorrow morning

2. Keep track of what you’re eating with an app or diary

Using a food journal can help you lose weight and actually keep it off. Consistently logging your meals and snacks helps you become aware of what you’re eating, when you’re eating and why you’re eating. By taking note of your food consumption you can start to establish a more positive relationship with food in general. 

Take note of everything you eat and drink each day, including the quantities and rough timeframes. This will help you learn about the types of foods and beverages that impact your body and enable your healthcare team to advise you on your diet. 

Do now

- Write down what you ate and drank today, including how much and when 
- Decide on an app or printable to help you keep track each day

Weight loss tip


You can track your food habits with an app. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and meal tracker you can download. 
Or if you prefer to go old school, download a food diary template here ⇒

3. Measure yourself each week

Part of your weight loss journey is seeing a difference in your measurements. You may not always see a change in your weight on the scale, but you could see a substantial loss in your measurements. Measure your chest, waist, hips, thighs, upper arms and calves on the first day of your program and every 7 days after. 

4. Take weekly before and after pictures

It can be difficult to see the difference when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror everyday, but when you compare yourself to a photo from a week ago, you can slowly start to see your body changing. We recommend taking progress photos every week so you can see the difference.

5. Chat with your Rosemary nurse anytime

As part of your Rosemary weight loss program you get unlimited chat with your dedicated healthcare team. They’ll proactively follow up with you regularly to see how you’re doing, and you can also start the conversation anytime you like by logging into your account.