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About Rosemary
What is Rosemary Health?
Who is Rosemary for?
How it works
How is Rosemary different from a regular visit to the GP?
Does Rosemary replace my general practitioner?
Is video call required?
Do I need an appointment?
How long does an online visit take?
How long until the doctor responds?
What if I am having an emergency?
What we treat
What types of conditions can we treat?
Do I need a prescription to use Rosemary?
Am I guaranteed a prescription?
What treatments are available?
Can I choose specific brand name medications?
Can I request a different treatment than what was prescribed?
How much does it cost?
Can I bulk bill through Medicare?
Can I use my private health insurance?
What if the medication doesn't work? Do I get a refund?
How do I pause or cancel medicine deliveries?
How long does shipping take?
Can I return my shipment?
What packaging will my treatment be delivered in?
Repeat prescriptions
Am I guaranteed a prescription?
How do I pause or cancel medicine deliveries?
When do I pay for the repeat medication?
NSQHS standards
Is it legal to prescribe medications online?
Who are the doctors on the platform?
Who is the partner pharmacy on the platform?
Why do I need to verify my identity?
Information and security
Is my information safe?
Telehealth services
What is telehealth?
What equipment do I need to do telehealth on Rosemary?
What can be done via telehealth?
Can I still get prescriptions for medication over Telehealth?
Can I get controlled medications over Telehealth?
How much does a telehealth appointment cost on Rosemary?
How do I pay for a private telehealth consult?
What do I do if I need to cancel the appointment before it starts?