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Quiet your cravings

Food that is ‘rewarding’ can sometimes trigger craving that overrides hunger canter signals. Explore scientifically proven approaches with your doctor and manage your cravings and obesity.

  • Telehealth consultation

  • Clinically-proven prescription medication

  • Weight-loss shakes and meals available

  • Lose between 5-10% of your weight¹ ²**

Accredited healthcare practitioner

Leading Aussie doctors and nurses will help you understand your health needs.

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We've helped people all over Australia feel healthier and regain their confidence.

Effective treatments

Our treatments are modern and tailored to your needs.

Weight loss is more than just willpower.

Gain control over cravings and insatiable hunger.

Eating or thinking of foods high in sugar, salt, and fat triggers the release of dopamine in your brain, resulting in feelings of pleasure and motivation. This repetitive reward-seeking behaviour causes food cravings that can feel uncontrollable, even when not hungry.

If this sounds like you? Explore scientifically proven approaches with a healthcare practitioner to manage your cravings and obesity.

Evidence-based weight loss programs

Clinically-proven medication

Modern weight loss treatments tailored by a doctor to help take you beyond just willpower, with ongoing guidance from medical practitioners.

Dietitian support materials

Personalised, practical and easy-to-follow advice to manage your weight and eating habits.

Weight-loss shakes

Nutritious, delicious & simple meal replacement shakes to help you kick start your weight loss journey.

Want a tailored weight loss treatment?

Complete a quick questionnaire and receive a plan from a healthcare practitioner.

Set yourself up for success

Start your journey to managing your cravings and hunger.

Hungry Brain

Do you need large amounts of calories to reach fullness?

Emotional Hunger

Do you turn to food to cope with positive and negative situations?

Hungry Gut

Do you experience a short period of feeling full after meals?

Slow Burn

Do you experience an unusually slow metabolism?

$35 telehealth consultation

How it works


Tell us about your health

Answer some simple questions about your health and weight.


Consult an Australian based medical team

For review and discussion of treatment options.


Get treatment delivered

Fast and discreet delivery to your door.


Follow-up care

We’re with you every step of the way. Together, we’ll help you build habits for long-term success.

We’re with you for the long run

We believe in an individual and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

  • Clinically-proven treatments

    All medications follow Australian medical guidelines

  • Developed by experts

    Designed by leading experts and backed by years of research.

  • Online clinic

    No waiting rooms, no judgement. We’re right here when you need us.

  • Follow up care

    Connect with our Australian based medical team at any time, for any reason.

  • Dietitian content

    Receive practical and easy-to-follow advice to manage your weight and eating habits.

BMI Calculator

Your BMI can be a useful starting measure to identify your weight classification and health risk factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of weight loss treatments do you offer?

How do weight loss medications work?

What results can I expect from these treatments?

The results of weight loss injection treatments can vary depending on the specific medication, individual factors such as age, gender, and medical history, and personal adherence to a healthy lifestyle. However, some general potential benefits that may be associated with these weight loss treatments include:

  • Physical health improvements to important health markers, such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, sleep quality, and joint pain, and a reduced risk of developing obesity-related diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes.

  • Mental health improvements, such as improved self-esteem, mood, and confidence, and reduced symptom severity of depression and anxiety.

  • Improved quality of life, including increased energy levels, better mobility, and the ability to engage in activities that may have seemed off-limits due to excess weight.

  • Weight reduction has been shown in several studies. However, the amount of weight loss can vary depending on the duration of treatment, and personal adherence to a healthy lifestyle.It’s important to note that weight loss meds are not a magic solution. They must be used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise for the best results.

How long does it take for my weight loss medications to arrive?

How do you deliver medication if it needs to be refrigerated?


*Patients who lost ≥5% at 12 & 16 weeks may achieve a double-digit mean weight loss at 1 year* Pooled data from cited clinical studies.

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