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Getting Started on Your Weight Loss Plan

Planning to lose weight? Explore how the Rosemary weight loss program, combining medication, coaching, and doctors’ guidance, can help you stay on track.

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Sanchia Parker
Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist
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With the Rosemary weight loss program, you get real prescription medication, lifestyle coaching and a dedicated medical team that helps you make sure you’re on track. Research shows that when it comes to resetting your metabolism, mindful changes in your lifestyle choices through diet and exercise can be combined with medication for an effective approach to sustained weight loss and improved metabolic health.

Let’s start with 5 important steps:

1. Track your progress

Whether it’s weighing, taking measurements, progress photos or trying on your favourite pair of jeans every few weeks, be sure to track your progress. Tracking progress is a great way to assess how far you have come and maintain motivation.

Be sure to also track other changes you might notice, such as mood, sleep quality and energy levels. These are all great indicators of progress and it can be helpful to remind yourself of your new-found energy, or better sleep schedule, if there is a week or so with no change on the scale.  

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Scale facts!

Weight fluctuates daily based on many factors including hydration, hormonal fluctuations, sodium intake and even the battery life in the scales you use. So if the scale changes a kilo or two in a day, it's likely a natural fluctuation, not true weight change. Look for the trend in weight over time, it’s easier to notice weight changes if you track them over a few weeks, or a few months. 

Do now!

  • Decide how you want to measure your progress
  • Write down your key measures on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge
  • Set a reminder for yourself to track your changes by writing them on the piece of paper.

2. Keep track of what you’re eating with an app or diary

Using a food journal can help you lose weight and actually keep it off. Take note of everything you eat and drink for 2-3 days, including the quantities and rough timeframes 

Logging your meals and snacks helps you become aware of what you’re eating, when you’re eating and why you’re eating. By taking note of your food consumption you can start to collect data about your own eating habits, which can help provide an understanding about what, how and why you eat. For example, do you notice you eat sweet foods in the evening? Or tend to have a lighter breakfast and are really hungry at lunch? Use this information to make small changes to your eating patterns. 

Reach out to your dietitian if you have any questions about your food diary or what you have logged.

Note: If you have previously found that logging food is demotivating for you, or triggers negative behaviours, feel free to skip this step and focus on activities that make you feel positive and motivated.

Lose 10% weight, feel better
Doctor-guided weight loss. Free online visit.
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Do now!

  •  If you decide to track 2-3 days of food, download an app such as EasyDiet Dairy to help you.
  • Alternatively, simply use a piece of paper and pen!

3. Celebrate the wins

Weight loss can be difficult! Creating new, healthier habits take a lot of time and energy. So be sure to celebrate your wins along the way to maintain motivation. 

Did you take a packed lunch into work every day this week?
Manage a walk after dinner 2 nights this week?
Hit 10,000 steps on Saturday?
Reward your progress! 

Whether it’s a new book, workout top, or 15 minute lie in, be sure to include plenty of rewards and celebration along your journey. 

4. Know it's all about progress, not perfection

We don’t expect anyone to be 100% perfect at Day 1 (or Day 365 for that matter!) The journey to health and weight loss is ongoing, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Just focus on taking one small step toward progress each day.

If you need extra support, reach out to your health coach who can help you refocus and set some manageable goals.

5. Chat with your Rosemary Health care team

As part of your Rosemary weight loss program you get unlimited chat with your dedicated healthcare team including your nurse, dietitian and health coach. They’ll proactively follow up with you regularly to see how you’re doing, and you can also start the conversation anytime you like by logging into your account.

Lose 10% weight, feel better
Doctor-guided weight loss. Free online visit.
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Lose 10% weight, feel better
Doctor-guided weight loss. Free online visit.
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